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Zesty Italian Sausage
Sunday Supper
Price: $104.00

Family Pack
Price: $75.00

Spice up Italian night! Our Zesty Italian Sausage is perfect on a pizza or browned and served with your favorite pasta sauce!  It has a unique blend of spices that will make your weeknight dinner a little more “zesty!”
Perfect for Sunday suppers, holidays, or any other special occasion. Just be careful, once you serve our meat you may be asked to host another gathering! *This would make a great housewarming gift!
Package includes:

Gather 'round the table!~18 lbs - $117 *$6.50/lb!

  • Boston Butt pork shoulder 4 lbs

  • chops BO 2 lbs

  • ground beef 2 lbs

  • ground sausage 2 lbs (hot, mild, zesty Italian, or chorizo)

  • beef roast 4 lbs

Planning your weekly menu is a lot easier with a freezer stocked full of great foods! Our Family Pack will enable you to check “Plan Menu” off your weekly to do list! *This makes a great gift for new parents!
Package includes:

Simplify the week!~14 lbs - $75 *$5.37/lb!

  • ground beef 2 lbs

  • beef roast 3 lbs

  • deli meat 3 lbs

  • ground sausage (mild, hot) 2 lbs

  • ground dinner sausage (Zesty, Chorizo) 2 lbs

  • sirloin tip ham roast 2 lbs

Pork Fat Back Deli Ham
Fat Back (1lb)
Price: $2.12

Half Hog
Price: $348.75

Sliced Ham - 1/2 pound
Price: $5.95

The Naked Pig fatback, rind off, approx. 1lb
Half a hog's worth of meat, retail packed and ready for your freezer!
Package includes:

~75 lbs - $348.75 *$4.65/lb!

  • sirloin tip ham roast 12 lbs

  • fat back 7 lbs

  • sausage (mild, hot, Zesty, Chorizo, ground pork) 10 lbs

  • spare/country ribs 9 lbs

  • soup bones 8 lbs

  • BI shoulder roasts 4 lbs

  • BO shoulder roasts 4 lbs

  • chops 2 lbs

  • whole tenderloin 1 lbs

  • belly halves 15 lbs

  • organs: tongue, heart, kidneys, liver

  • leaf lard 3 lbs

Sliced Deli Ham, 1 lb. pack

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