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We believe in cooperative agriculture and know the success of our farm operation is directly related to the success of those around us. In no way is our farm story just “our story”. Our team at The Naked Pig not only recognizes our responsibilities as multi-generational farm stewards, but as co-partners in rapidly changing food and farm cultures and as co-authors in the wellness message we share.

We celebrate these partners!

The NC Natural Hog Growers Association

In 2006, a small group of independent, outdoor hog farmers banded together to preserve a way of life. Raising hogs outdoors and on pasture was only a memory to most farmers and seemed unlikely to ever be much more than that in the future. Facing uphill challenges almost the entire way, this small group laid the foundation of what was to become the largest farmer driven, outdoor, high welfare pork production cooperative in the Southeast. By holding on to and never abandoning their beliefs about animal welfare, environmental stewardship, responsible use of resources and ethical treatment of animals, the members of the North Carolina Natural Hog Growers Association are a living testament that sustainable farming practices are good for families, animals, the environment and those that enjoy eating the best. Our farm first joined the association in 2012 and Shawn has served as the coop secretary for 4 years.

Sam & Lady Edison

As a craftsman, Sam believes in relationships with other local businesses who share an understanding and appreciation of the demands more and more eaters are making regarding how their food is raised, produced and distributed. Sourcing whole hogs from the NC Natural Hog Growers Association, Sam has been both market partner to our family farm and enthusiast with pride in the pig. Select salamis on thenakedpig.com are provided by Lady Edison and crafted by San Giuseppe Salami Co. of Elon, NC.

Sara & Le Savon

For Sara, soap making started 20 years ago when she was looking for a way to utilize all of the herbs & flowers from her garden. Having developed severe allergies & skin sensitivities to "store-bought" bath & perfume products she started researching natural alternatives. Through many years of studying, trial & error and dedication to her craft, Sara learned to incorporate aromatherapy, herbs, roots & other various plant materials into the purest fats & oils to create skin products for conscious clients. Sara is passionate about sustainability, fair trade, humane farming practices and supporting local businesses & farms. We share Sara’s belief in her craft as one way we can influence a healthier world for all.

John Huneycutt - Huneycutt Photography

Through photography, John is able to capture the essence of curated indulgences we offer online. As an award-winning fine art and commercial photographer and North Carolina native, John lives in Oakboro. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Wingate University in 2004. John’s work has been shown in numerous galleries from Venice, Italy and Los Angeles, to Scottsdale and Manhattan, and he has received accolades in juried shows around the world. The North Carolina Arts Council awarded him the prestigious North Carolina Fellowship Grant in 2017.

A Greener World

- A Choice You Can Feel Good About

Humanely raising happy and healthy pigs on pastures is at the core of our family farm. Today we continue to invest in the animal husbandry foundations set by Shawn's grandfather, C. Marvin Hatley, when he first acquired the farm's land in 1936. We have selected the Animal Welfare Approved program as an independent third party to further highlight our family's dedication to basic animal husbandry protocols that are also important to our customers, friends, and family.

In today's "information age", food labels are packed with text. Some words can be confusing and some unclear.

We invite you to seek out and shop for The Animal Welfare Approved label on our products*. Animal Welfare Approved standards are the most rigorous and progressive animal care requirements in the nation, as recognized by the World Society for the Protection of Animals for two years running now. Given only to family farms, the Animal Welfare Approved label verifies that participating farms are putting each individual animal’s comfort and well-being first. The program benefits all of us with the simple understanding that our own best interests are intrinsically linked to animals and the environment.

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