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Barrier Farms is a family owned and operated farm located in Mount Pleasant NC.

Our beef is grass fed grain finished. We raise our cows without using antibiotics or added hormones. At six months we transfer the bull calves to a separate pasture to be steered and begin supplementing feed to help with the quality of the meat. The feed we use is certified GMO free and is grown ourselves on the farm, helping us to insure its quality and integrity. Our cows never leave grass pasture until the day they are processed, they are given plenty of space to roam and graze for themselves. We believe in taking care of ALL our animals as best we can! After all, as any good farmer knows, if you take care of your animal it will then in turn take care of you.

Feel free to visit our website www.barrierfarms.net to learn more about our farm and the people who run it.

- Tia Barrier

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ground beef Ground Beef

Once you've had this ground beef you won't be able to go back to the regular grocery store stuff. This is such a versatile product. You'll want to keep plenty of it on hand.
Make the whole neighborhood smell great when you grill out burgers, especially if you throw some bacon on top! This is great in chili and my great-Aunt Gerldine used to make a mean meatloaf.

This comes in one pound packs.

Price: $7.15

Beef Stir Fry Beef Stir Fry

Marinate these little strips of steak to add flavor, then fry them up. Cook your favorite veggies then combine!

Price per pound is $9. The average pack weighs .83 lbs. If your pack is less than the average weight, we'll adjust the price.

*Photo courtesy of

Price: $7.47
Beef Kabobs Beef Kabobs

This is a great cut to skewer with veggies and grill, or use in a stew.

Price is $10 per pound. The average pack weighs .87 lbs. If your pack is smaller than the average weight, we will adjust the price.

*Photo courtesy of www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com

Price: $8.70
bone-out chuck roast Boneless Chuck Roast

The chuck refers to the upper front of the cow, where the neck and shoulder blades are. These roasts are great for cooking in the crock-pot.

The price per pound is $9.99 and the average weight is 2.97 lbs. If your roast is smaller than the advertised weight, we will adjust the price.

*Photo courtesy of beefitswhatsfordinner.com

Price: $29.67
Shoulder Pot Roast Shoulder Pot Roast

The shoulder pot roast comes from the chuck. This is a nice size roast. It does have a little bone in it to add flavor. This is an excellent cut for braising. You can put in the crock-pot for Sunday dinner!

Price per pound is $9.99. Average weight is 3.78 lbs. If your roast is smaller than average, we will adjust the price.

*Photo is courtesy of

Price: $37.76