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Pork Fat Back
Fat Back
For a truly southern flavor, choose fatback! Use to season veggies or render to make a high quality cooking lard. Tasty when making fried potatoes and you want a golden crisp bite. Streaks of lean meat are common in our strips of fatback. With some meat still attached, cook as you would with fatback without lean meat. Meat content may be as much as 30% by volume and as low a 0% resembling the marbling of meat and fat in bacon/side meat. *Note: Our fatback is unsalted and skinless. Priced per pound. Size of packs vary and we cannot guarantee thickness, due to leanness of our hogs. Sliced into strips resembling bacon.

Price: $3.45

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Rendered pork lard
Lard (~28 oz.)
Pure lard, rendered from our leaf lard. Great for baking! (Won't have a pork taste.) Price is for an ~28 oz. plastic tub. (28 oz. is the weight of the lard, not the size of the tub.)

Price: $9.97

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leaf fat
leaf fat (by pounds)
This is the fat that comes from around the organs.  It will not carry a pork flavor.  Great for baking. This fat has not been rendered.  Packages vary in weight.  We will do our best to send a package that is nearest in weight to the amount you order. $4.66 per pound.

Price: $4.66
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