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As far back as 1000 A.D., Hatleys have been well established in and around Cambridge, England. As descendents of a Mr. Sherwood Hatley, 1720, North Carolina has been our family's home for more than 290 years. As the fourth generation of Hatleys to manage and care for our present-day farm in Oakboro, NC, we build on the traditions learned from our family history which challenge us to:
  • Understand and enrich the vital relationship of plants, people and animals

  • Responsibly use and replenish resources

  • Create a sustainable future for all

In order to produce the finest tasting meats, we start with the best breeds, raise them according to humane standards and feed them a balanced diet. Animals spend their lives living on a rotationally managed forage system to protect environmental integrity.
Through farming, education, and sales, we are continuing traditions started before us. If you're a chef looking to source exceptional ingredients, a consumer interested in how your meat is raised, a curious student, or a fellow farmer, we want to meet you. Our collective experience can make great ideas reality, and there is always an opportunity to engage.
Through The Naked Pig Meat Co., we invite you to experience and taste the flavors of our farm. By purchasing our products, you are also:
  • Supporting a local agricultural economy
  • Helping preserve farmland for future generations
  • Paying the full costs for farm raised meats

Come join us; join our mission, join our family.

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