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Whole Pork Tenderloin
Whole Tenderloin
A whole pork tenderloin is such a romantic cut! This is THE most tender, juiciest cut and its mild flavor works well with any seasoning or marinade. Price per pound is $15.99 Average size roast is about .86 lbs.

*If the roast is smaller than the average, we will adjust the price to match the smaller size.

Price: $13.75

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Pasture raised pork chop
Chops, Bone-In, 1” thick (pack of 2)
Delicious, juicy, and full of flavor! Our bone-in pastured pork chop is delightful whether grilled, seared, baked, or broiled. These come in a pack of 2. Average weight of each pack is 1.11 lbs., price per pound is $9.45

Price: $10.49
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boneless pastured pork chops
Chops, Boneless (2 per pack)
Tender, thick, and juicy, these chops will make your mouth water just watching them cook. These come is packs of two. Average weight of each pack is .43 lbs., price per pound is $10.50.

*Cooked photo is courtesy of Pork Be Inspired.

Price: $4.52
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