The Naked Pig Meat Co.
Seasoning Optional!

The Naked Pig Meat Co. was born out of our family's search for meat products without added antibiotics, hormones, and artificial enhancements, harvested from pigs raised outdoors. Having solved this market gap, we have evolved to focus on specific opportunities to increase whole carcass utilization (fancy phrase for using "all of the pig").  

In this pursuit, today guests to The Naked Pig enjoy cooking oils AKA Lard, Charcuterie (Dry cured salamis) and body soaps crafted from the original mission of our company, No Funk, No Junk! 

Adhering to the highest Animal Welfare standards and compliant with Non-GMO Project standards we offer a level of transparency and joy only found with those you love. 

We are proud to feed our products to our family, friends, and valued customers; enjoy the difference in our MYSTERY-FREE goodness! 

Come on by for a visit, we would love to meet you! 

Nicole, Jenny & Shawn