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Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate


Give the gift of a meal! Available in any denomination, and with the option to email or have printed, you will make every recipient want to say, "Thank you!"
pork bones
Pork bones (bag)
Price: $2.91

A bag of pastured pork bones. Has more marrow than the country back bones, but less meat. Great for stock!
pork heart
Pastured Pork Heart
Price: $3.15

Organ meats are high in nutrients and are perfect for you or your animals!
pork tongue
Pastured Pork Tongue
Price: $3.15

Organ meats are high in nutrients and are perfect for you or your animals! This tongue ate non-GMO feed!
pork kidney
Pork Kidney
Price: $3.15

Pork Kidney
pork liver
Pork liver
Price: $3.15

Each 3-ounce portion of cooked pork liver provides 22 grams of protein! Pork liver can be a healthy source of protein because it contains only 1.2 grams of cholesterol-raising saturated fat per serving. Ours is even healthier because our pigs are raised on pasture using non-GMO feed. Average weight is .88 lbs. per pack.
boneless pork chop
Bone-out chops (single pack)
Price: $4.70

These pasture-raised chops are from our coop.  Animal Welfare Approved and Non-GMO.  Beautiful chops, great for the grill or cast iron skillet!  Priced at a discount!  Regularly $10.50/lb.  These only $9.99/lb.
kielbasa sausage
Polish Kielbasa Links
Price: $4.91


A delicious 4 pack of pork link sausages.. These are great with peppers and onions or sauerkraut. Average weight is .82 pounds. Price per pound is $5.99.

Ingredients: ground pork, salt, dextrose, spices, garlic powder, natural casing
Hatley House Rub
Hatley House Rub
Price: $5.23

Made with organic spices. NO gluten, salt, sugar, or preservatives!

We have been making this in our kitchen for years; when we gave it as part of a Christmas basket one year, friends and family loved it!

Ingredients: garlic, paprika, parsley, onion, black pepper
(56 grams per jar)

boneless pastured pork chops
Chops, Boneless (2 per pack)
Price: $5.35

Tender, thick, and juicy, these chops will make your mouth water just watching them cook. These come is packs of two. Average weight of each pack is .51 lbs., price per pound is $10.50.

*Cooked photo is courtesy of Pork Be Inspired.

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