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Gift Certificate


Give the gift of a meal! Available in any denomination, and with the option to email or have printed, you will make every recipient want to say, "Thank you!"
pork bones
Pork bones (bag)
Price: $2.91

A bag of pastured pork bones. Has more marrow than the country back bones, but less meat. Great for stock!
Grass-fed Beef Liver (sliced)
Price: $2.97


High in nutrients, our grass fed beef liver will take your "liver and onions" to a new level!  Price is $6.18 per pound.
pork heart
Pastured Pork Heart
Price: $3.15

Organ meats are high in nutrients and are perfect for you or your animals!
pork tongue
Pastured Pork Tongue
Price: $3.15

Organ meats are high in nutrients and are perfect for you or your animals! This tongue ate non-GMO feed!
pork kidney
Pork Kidney
Price: $3.15

Pork Kidney
pork liver
Pork liver
Price: $3.15

Each 3-ounce portion of cooked pork liver provides 22 grams of protein! Pork liver can be a healthy source of protein because it contains only 1.2 grams of cholesterol-raising saturated fat per serving. Ours is even healthier because our pigs are raised on pasture using non-GMO feed. Average weight is .88 lbs. per pack.
pastured free-range eggs
Farm Raised, Pastured Eggs
Price: $4.00

We get our free-range eggs from local farmers. For quality assurance, these are only available for in-store pick-up.
Rendered pork lard
Lard (~12oz.)
Price: $4.30

Pure lard, rendered from our fat back and leaf lard. Great for frying, baking, or seasoning! Price is for an ~12 oz. glass jar. (12 oz. is the weight of the lard, not the size of the jar.)
ground hot Italian sausage
Ground Hot Italian
Price: $5.50
Sale Price: $4.50

Add a little spice to your spaghetti! We have a limited supply. Buy five and save 10%. Stock up now! Comes in one pound packages.
Now on sale for $1.00 off!

Ingredients: pork, salt, spices, spice extractives
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