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Boston Butt, Bone-In Boston Butt, Bone-In

The Boston Butt is cut from the upper shoulder of the pig. It is known for its tender and juicy meat, and is delicious when slowly cooked. Pasture-raised and non-GMO. Great for smoking! This is also the perfect size for a crock-pot. Price per pound is $6.33. Average weight is 3.19 lbs.

Price: $20.19
Picnic Shoulder Roast Picnic Shoulder Roast

Average roast is 3.39 lbs.  Price per pound is $6.33.

Price: $21.45
Pork Sirloin Tip Sirloin Tip Ham Roast, uncooked

This is the boneless sirloin tip of our ham. This makes easy and delicious crock-pot barbecue! (Check out our recipe!) You'll need to cook it thoroughly before serving. Average roast is 3.35 pounds. Price per pound is $9.83.

*If your roast is smaller than the average weight, we will adjust the price to match the smaller weight.

Price: $32.93