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pastured free-range eggs Farm Raised, Pastured Eggs

We get our pastured eggs from Jane. Jenny has been to her farm and said it looks like it belongs in a magazine. Jane's chickens are her pets. They wander around her picturesque farm getting all the bugs they want, and are supplemented with non-GMO feed from Barrier Farms. Jane is warm and generous and we enjoy working with her and her chickens!

Price: $4.00
pastured free-range eggs Farm Raised, Pastured Eggs, Animal Welfare Approved

We get our Animal Welfare Approved eggs from Jean of Meadowview Farm. I know Jean loves her chickens! Every time she comes in to deliver eggs, she has on a chicken themed shirt. She always cheerful, has a great sense of humor and many stories. One of my favorites is about her heroic, chicken saving rooster. You can follow her on Facebook.

Price: $5.00